1. The Telephone Hall of Fame was founded in 1965 by a group of Pioneers who envisioned a special way of recognizing individuals in the industry who contribute not only to their company, but to the industry at large; a forum where excellence is rewarded by colleagues, employers and the leaders in telecommunications.

    By establishing the Hall of Fame, they accomplished their goals. This entity now exists, and is more vibrant than ever. By meeting the criteria set forth by the Committee, individuals are considered by the Hall of Fame Honors Court.

    The accomplishments of those inducted into the Telephone Hall of Fame truly represent an unmatched insight into the development and growth of telephony. This industry has made a significant contribution to the nation's private and public sectors and the lifestyle of its people, especially in the rural areas. These successes also serve as a standard to which present and future generations can aspire.

    Nominations to the Hall of Fame are made from among those persons who have made positive and substantial contributions to the development, growth, and public perception of the telephone industry, on a national scale, over a period of many years.

    To be eligible, an individual must have reached age 70, be retired from the industry for at least three years, or be deceased.

  2. 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee



    Dean Charles Swanson

    The new (101st) member of the Telephone Hall of Fame of the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association is one of a dwindling band of distinguished senior executives who helped the independent telephone industry   prepare for the telecommunication challenges of the 21th century. Dean Charles Swanson of Cornelia, GA will be inducted on April 29, 2018 at the Association’s annual assembly to be held in Tampa, FL.

    The 97-year old association numbering some 7000 dues-paying members with headquarters in Hinesville, GA began in 1965 to recognize individuals who had made “outstanding contributions to the Independent [non-Bell] telecommunications industry.” The most recent inductee was Joe T. Ford in 2017.

    With 35 years in the industry, Swanson parlayed his local experience at Standard (GA) Telephone Company into leadership at both the state and national levels. As one colleague observed: “Dean was among those who, in growing their company, had to navigate new regulations, mergers, digital technology, relaxed interexchange environment to face a marketplace of less regulation, more competition, new service deployments and technology innovation. All this in a world of converging local exchange, wireless, cable and data services.”

    The Annapolis graduate joined Standard in 1963 after serving as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force with global deployment. Following six years at Standard as vice president and operations manager he was promoted to EVP in 1970. Eight years later as new corporate President he began a 20-year role helping to expand the rural north Georgia telephone company into advanced telephony products: wireless (cellular), cable TV, Internet provider, CPE sales, long distance and many other leading edge services. The high level of service excellence and customer responsiveness at Standard was often modeled by other telcos.

    And it was this record that early on saw Swanson tapped for involvement by the Georgia Telephone Association where, during three decades, he served as a director, president and member of the executive committee. But it was when

    Swanson was elected a director of the U.S. Telecom Association (USTA that he was able to deploy his strong telecom background toward an industry-wide contribution. In his 12 years at USTA he was elected the association’s secretary, vice-chairman and then chairman from which he was honored with USTA’s highest honor in 1995—the Distinguished Service Medal.

    These years in the 1980s-90s were where Swanson’s vision was instructional in the formation of new telecom policy and ‘industry best practices’ exercised by member telecom companies. During his chairmanship, USTA faced many vexing regulatory issues such as price caps and threatened reduction of Federal subsidies to rural carriers. Swanson testified before Congressional committees on telecom reform at the same time the Association was working with the Bell companies to reach equilibrium to ensure the USTA met the demands of both sets of constituents in a fair, balanced way.

    Swanson was also prominent on the board of the Independent Telco Networks (ITN). He was named a director of the influential Exchange Carrier Standards Association.

    Standard under Swanson’s tenure continued to be one of ITPA’s most staunch supporters through its Region 8 Peach State Chapter providing officers and committee heads at state and national levels. Swanson was given the chapter’s Hall of Fame Award in 1996.

    As has been the case with every past member of the Hall of Fame, Swanson has a legacy of community and civic involvement. These resulted in the formation of industrial parks, an airport and accommodating infrastructure attracting business to North Georgia long after his formal telecom retirement in 1998 when he helped negotiate the sale of Standard and its properties to Alltel Corp. He was a director of the Business Council of Georgia, on the Georgia Governor’s Committee for School Performance and a half dozen Habersham County authorities and boards.

    In addition to his BS from the U.S. Naval Academy, Swanson has taken graduate work at Emory University, completed the University of Kansas’ USITA Management Program, the Executive Program at Stanford University and Duke University’s Executive Program in Telecommunications.

    Swanson and his wife, Helen Kay (Stewart), are major donors of the Swanson Center for Performing Arts and Communications at Piedmont (GA) College and the Folk Pottery Art Museum in Sautee-Nacoochee, Georgia. The Swansons have two sons and six grandchildren.


  1. Telephone Hall of Fame Honor Roll

    Below is a list of the members of the Telephone Hall of Fame, followed by the year of their induction.

    Hall of Fame Nomination Form

    • Adams, Arthur F, 1965
    • Agee, John H, 1966
    • Alden, Raymond M, 1994
    • Atherton, J.Ballard, 1969
    • Bailey, Carl F, 1998
    • Bailey, Clyde S, 1972
    • Balch, John A, 1976
    • Barnes, Edwin L., 2016
    • Barnes, Frank S,Sr, 1980
    • Barnes, Frank S,Jr, 1996
    • Barnes, John M, 1999
    • Barnhart, Henry A, 1969
    • Barnhart, Hugh A, 1982
    • Bell, Alexander G, 1999
    • Berry, Loren M, 1982
    • Blain, Ray, 1981
    • Blakeslee, Edwin M, 1965
    • Blomeyer, Edward C, 1965
    • Bohn, Frank F, 1966
    • Boylan, John P, 1965
    • Bozell, Harold V, 1970
    • Brorein, Carl D, Sr, 1976
    • Brorein, William G, 1968
    • Brown, Clyson I, 1967
    • Bryant, Glenn E, 2015
    • Bunke, Robert W, 1995
    • Burfiend Raymond H, 1967
    • Cadwell, Charles S, 1970
    • Carlson, LeRoy T, 2014
    • Case, Weldon W, 1991
    • Clerkin, James J, Jr, 1988
    • Cook, John Brown, 1981
    • Cook, Wallace I, 1969
    • Corman, William F, 1989
    • Densmore, Leonard D, 1983
    • Fargo, Harm D, 1974
    • Ferguson, Peter M, 1969
    • Fisher, Burgie L, 1966
    • French, Warren B, Jr, 1993
    • Galloway, Josey K, 1984
    • Garnett, Wilson B, 1995
    • Gary, Theodore, 1965
    • Geist, James E, 1996
    • Guild, Douglas S, 1984
    • Hageman, Herman E, 1965
    • Harris Joseph, 1967
    • Hart, Adlen L, 1969
    • Henry, William C, 1973
    • Henson, Paul H, 1992
    • Hill, Luther W, 1970
    • Hirsch, Gustav, 1965
    • Hirt, Donald, 2001
    • Holderness, H. Dail, 1985
    • Johnston, John K, 1967
    • Keen, Jack C, 2000
    • Kellogg, Milo G, 1965
    • Loomis, Wesley H, III, 1981
    • Loveland, Chester H, 1976
    • Lucier, Phillip J, 1994
    • Lucier, Ralph F, 1972
    • Lumpkin, Richard A, 1990
    • MacKinnon, F.S., 1965
    • McHenry, Houck, 1965
    • Mahoney, Harry P, 1967
    • Martin, Talbot, G, 1976
    • Mason, Charles F, 1966
    • McClelland Robert S, 1997
    • McBerty Frank R, 1965
    • McGraw, Max, 1968
    • Nehring, Roland, 2001
    • North, Charles H, 1969
    • O'Connell, John F, 1993
    • Odegard, Sigurd L, 1993
    • Ostline, John E, 1977
    • Payne, Harold G, 1987
    • Pirnie, Robert M, Jr, 1991
    • Porter, John R, 1967
    • Power, Donald C, 1975
    • Quatman, George B, 1977
    • Reese, Frank D, 1997
    • Reno, Ralph C, 1971
    • Reynolds, John G, 1980
    • Scupin, Carl A, 1973
    • Smith, Ray H, 2013
    • Stewart, H Milton, Sr, 1983
    • Stocker, C. Paul, 1985
    • Stoffels, Robert E, 2016
    • Stromberg, Alfred, 1965
    • Strowger, Almon B, 1965
    • Sullivan, R Parker, 1983
    • Swanson, Dean Charles 2018
    • Thomas, James M, 1966
    • Warner, Leslie H, 1980
    • Welch, Francis X, 1981
    • Wettstein, Otto, Jr, 1977
    • Wilburn, High R, Jr, 1986
    • Williams, Clarke McRae, 2014
    • Woods, Frank H, 1965
    • Workman, Mayme, 1965
    • Wright, John H, 1965