1. Foundations

  2. ITPA Charitable Foundation

  3. The ITPA Charitable Foundation collects and distributes funds to charitable causes. The Charitable Foundation works in conjunction with ITPA to support the volunteer efforts of local phone companies on a national level. Since its beginning, the Charitable Foundation has supported a multitude of programs such as Ronald McDonald Children's Charities, Children’s Shriners Hospitals, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the American Red Cross, and the American Health Assistance Foundation. Through donations made by ITPA members, the Charitable Foundation donates annually to a program that supports our heroes injured in battle and to the Alzheimer’s Association in hopes of one day finding a cure for this disease that affects more than 5 million Americans. The Charitable Foundation also provides emergency disaster relief grants to clubs, chapters, and companies to assist victims of natural disaster. Recently, the Foundation provided emergency disaster relief grants in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

  4. ITPA Historical Foundation

  5. The Independent Telephone Historical Foundation is a vehicle for ITPA to continue supporting the industry's historical preservation. The Historical Foundation funds numerous projects each year. Many museums and company headquarters throughout the country have benefited from the generosity of the foundation. The Foundation supports the ITPA Hall of Fame Museum in Hinesville, GA.

    Due to suppporting the ITPA Hall of Fame Museum we are not accepting grants for other museums at this time.