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     Happy 100th Anniversary, ITPA!



    Dear ITPA members,

    The Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association (ITPA) continues into the next 100 years as a volunteer organization thanks to all of you!  ITPA has been serving the public, dedicated to community service on behalf of the independent telecommunications industry, since 1920.

    Just before this was written, the decision was made to postpone the “100th Anniversary Celebration” in Hinesville, Georgia, in early November 2020.  The board will review COVID-19 status in January 2021 to determine when a celebration can be held.  Plans include having a celebration party; planting a tree near the ITPA museum and national office in the Bryant Commons park area; “making memories” by taking a photo of attendees similar to the kind that was taken when ITPA was formed in 1920 at Winona Lake, Indiana, and again in 1995, when there was a 75th anniversary celebration at Winona Lake; dedicating a plaque/marker honoring ITPA’s 100 years; and opening the museum for tours for celebration attendees. 

    While we do know that these plans will not happen in 2020, the 100th Celebration committee decided that there are some things that can happen this year – even if Pioneers cannot gather in person.  We are asking chapters, clubs, and members for your support.

    The Celebration committee will offer one (1) ITPA commemorative token for each $15 donation to the ITPA Historical Foundation.  This donation includes the token and shipping costs, with all remaining funds to be used to help fund upgrades for our museum.

    • Note: If a donation is made by a chapter or club, one suggestion is to draw a member name and present the token to that Pioneer.

    The committee is also offering a different “ITPA” token for each $12 donation, including shipping.  This token will also be sold at the museum for purchase by museum visitors.

    These tokens are metal and come in a protective pouch.

     We hope that you will support these plans and sometime visit the ITPA Museum and National Office in Hinesville.  We can all be proud of the facilities and the Bryant Commons park area surrounding our national home.  We can be even prouder that over 100 years ago, independent telecommunications companies recognized the need for community service and today, we are still serving our communities.

    Thank you for “Catching the Pioneering Spirit” everyday!

    We look forward to hearing from you!


    The 100th Celebration Committee

    Darlene Roll, Alissa Moss, Jo Myers, Ronnie Cashwell, and Morrie Sachsenmaier



    Commemorative Token - $15.00 Each Donation

    Actual Size- 2"x1.4"





    ITPA Token - $12.00 Each Donation

    Actual Size- 2"







    To order: 

    Download the order form here

    Make Checks or money orders payable to the ITPA Historical Foundation

    Mail to: ITPA, 438 W. Oglethorpe Hwy, Hinesville, GA 31313