1. Welcome to the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association

    Dear ITPA Members,

     Who would have thought back in March, that four months later we would be continuing to feel the effects of this National pandemic and continuing to be making changes and adapting to the “new norms” which are effecting our ITPA members, families and friends every day.  

    We hope that you are all weathering the COVID-19 storm and will continue to do so.  There was no way to understand just how much this Pandemic would shed a light on the continued need and importance of not only the work you do every day within the telecommunications industry, but the continued work and future work that will result from this crisis.  

    Telecommunication professionals continue to be critical throughout the communities we live and work in.  ITPA is proud to support those efforts, and just as proud of the efforts of our members and what they accomplish throughout the communities when faced by adversity.  

    The ITPA Board recognizes the changes that are effecting our organization during these times and will be following up with more specifics regarding any requirements or obligations from members and chapter executives. We recognize certain challenges that we need to work together to overcome and we will help to provide those solutions to our members.  

    We are here to help our members just as our members continue to serve their communities.  Please continue to reach out to the National office with ideas on how we can help our members.   We would love to hear stories and share ideas on our website or in the monthly newsletter with what our members are experiencing throughout the Nation and how people are making a difference or even taking advantage of the situation we are all facing.   Now is the time for all of us to help each other through communication, and comradery.  Pick up a phone, write a letter, reach out to your fellow members and continue to make someone’s day when you have the opportunity.  We are all in this together.


    Best regards,   

    Gregg Klatsky  

    1st Vice President ITPA


  2. ITPA is a volunteer organization created by and for the independent telecommunications industry. Dedicated to community service, ITPA has been serving the public on behalf of telecommunications companies since 1920.


  3. Save the Date!

    November 6 & 7, 2020

    Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association

    100 Years Celebration (1920-2020)

    All ITPA members and guests are invited!

    At the ITPA National Office & Museum, Hinesville, Georgia

     **If current conditions allow**

    Please complete the survey by clicking here or you can print the survey here and return by mail or E-mail by July 31, 2020, to let us know whether or not you are interested in attending the 100th Anniversary Celebration, if conditions allow.  Completing the survey does not commit you to attend the events but it provides us with information to move forward with planning the events.


    Friday, November 6th

    Tour the ITPA Museum and Bryant Commons

    Enjoy the Meet & Greet Reception and 100 Years Recognition

    Saturday, November 7th

    Reflection on Pioneering Through the Years

    (Bring your favorite story about ITPA or Telephony to share)

    Tree Planting to Celebrate 100 Years

    Picnic on the Grounds

    Thank you for participating in our survey to let us know if you (ITPA members and guests) are interested in attending the 100th Anniversary Celebration in November in Hinesville, Georgia, if current conditions allow.  Please watch for more information in upcoming newsletters.


    If you have questions, please contact us at:


    Email: itpa@telecom-pioneers.net

    438 W. Oglethorpe Highway

    Phone: (912) 408-4872

    Hinesville, GA 31313

    Toll-Free: (877) 320-4872


    ITPA – Celebrating 100 Years!


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  2. ITPA is the volunteer organization created by and for the independent telecommunications industry. Dedicated to community service, ITPA has been serving the public on behalf of telecommunications companies since 1920. ITPA represents telecommunications employees and retirees nationwide. Today Pioneers continue to open exciting new lines of communication and community service throughout the United States.

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  2. Once located in Washington, D.C., ITPA's National Office and Museum relocated in 2001 to the small, beautiful city of Hinesville in Liberty County, Georgia.

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